Special Appearance – November 29th 2018

Acme Burlesque will be the opening act for Bad Uncle for their EP Launch.

Featuring: Seska Lee, Cherry Typhoon, Frenchy Jones, L Diablo, Penny Romanoff accompanied by the Acme Combo.

Accordions bent down the unholy path of psychobilly. Gypsy music punished by the merciless embrace of Grindcore. Opera drenched in reverb saturated surf guitar. Bluegrass painted black. Black metal painted blue. This is Bad Uncle.

November 29th, 2012
Theatre Ste Catherine (264 Ste Catherine E, Montreal)
9pm $10

$15 with a CD
$20 with a CD and a T-Shirt
$35 with CD, T-Shirt and complimentary pen